Slide Surfskate GUSSIE STING RAY 31 Inch

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  • Canadian Maple decks
  • Patented spring loaded truck system
  • Bevo Gold abec 7 high speed precision bearings
  • 65mm x 44mm wheels with 78a super high rebound durometer
  • includes truck adjustment tool & sticker pack

The ultimate cross training board for surfing, snowboarding, wake boarding or anyone who likes the feeling of putting a board on rail and carving through a turn. Slide Boards let you simulate that carving feeling on land. Once you get started, our patented, spring loaded trucks allow you to pump the board through turns to maintain momentum without having to push. Take your riding to the next level on the ultimate carving street-surf style skateboard. If you can't make it to the water or the slopes, hop on a Slide Board and get your groove on.

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